Online Marketing Strategies

There are countless types of online marketing tools out there in cyber space. So many to a point that it gets confusing for newbies. For example, you have search engine optimization, search engine marketing, affiliate programs, Google adwords, and so on and so forth. While there is no one single sure-fire way to online promotion, there are ‘better ways’ and there are ‘not so effective’ ways. At the core of it, to determine how to promote your website online, here are the two big questions you need to answer.

Why me? Ever heard of the term USP? Well, it stands for Unique Selling Proposition. Those who are familiar with sales, marketing and branding should know what it is all about. Anyway, it is a marketing concept which was, at first, a mere theory that explains a pattern followed by successful advertising campaigns way back in the early 1940′s. Several campaigns were run to make consumers switch to another brand. For instance, they could be loyal to McDonalds, what would it take to make them eat only Burger King from then onwards.

Till this very day, many businesses and large corporations continue to use USP to develop successful marketing campaigns. At the core the strategy is this: what do you have to offer that is above your competition. One example would be that the prices of your products are either better or cheaper. Launching a price war is a highly popular game-plan but not a conducive long-term marketing strategy. All it does is it creates a dimmer market.

Why now? The other question that you will need to answer is why now? You see, some consumers delay making a decision. What advertisers have to do is to prompt them, find some hot buttons that they can push, to persuade the consumers to act now instead of later. In short, they create a form of urgency.

Consumers base their decisions on the feelings that they have. They don’t simply buy products because they want or need them. They buy into good feelings and solutions to their problems. For example, they buy it for security, self-preservation, convenience, avoidance of worry, recognition from others, self-improvement, just to name a few.

You need to create a sense of urgency within the strategy, as in, if they used your products right now, their problems will instantly be resolved. Sad to say, that could be a part of the brain-washing process but hey, that’s advertising and marketing. In a way, the best online marketing strategy is continue to provide your potential and loyal customers with unique and informational content.

The amazing thing about providing consistent content is that we start to set ourselves up as experts in our respective industry. If you were marketing a toothpaste brand, you want your customers to think of you every time they run out of toothpaste.

In today’s world, marketing is more about positioning yourself in a way that your customers will come to you rather you knocking on their doors.