5 Online Marketing Strategy Ideal for New Site

A lot of people make mistakes when it comes to marketing a new site and this gets to affect their overall performers at the long run. Bear in mind that a website without sufficient quality traffic is like a barren island. In this article, we are going to briefly take a look at five online marketing strategies that is perfect for a newly developed site.

1. SEO – As soon as you site is up and running, the first thing you should do is optimize it for your chosen keywords. By optimizing your site, you stand a chance of receiving free targeted traffic and this one way people make sufficient sales as well as money. It is important to do some little research before picking your keywords because of the competition we are bond to face these days. However, despite the competition, we can still subdue the competitor with some extra work.

2. Blogging – The second thing you should do as soon as your site is ready is create a blog. Ensure you have this blog integrated to your site. Blogs serve many purposes by creating a blog from your site, you will be creating a fresh page as well as building your main site each time you make a blog post. You will also receive tons of free traffic when you optimize your blog as well. In fact, some people earn full time income from blogging alone.

3. Pay Per Click – Unlike in the past where you are charged a flat rate for advertising, with PPC, it is pay as you go. You only pay when the ad site sends a visitor to your site. This kind of online marketing strategy is very effective and a perfect way to test a new site/product to see if it converts. If you are looking for quick traffic, then you wouldn’t want to overlook PPC. With PPC you will need to have a budget for advertising and skills to effectively make the best use of your money.

4. Directory – Submitting your site to directory is also essential especially when you are doing SEO. This is because most directories take the time to approve (add) your link in their site. By doing this, you will be working ahead of time and you will also get traffic from many of these directories.

5. Opt-In Link – Most people who visit your site are rarely going to buy from you. The best marketing technique to use is to create an opt in page where people can leave their name and contact in exchange for your free information. You can then use an auto-responder to send them follow up messages from time to time.

The above are the 5 online marketing strategies ideal for a new site.

To Your Success,

John Benjamin