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Online Marketing Strategies

There are countless types of online marketing tools out there in cyber space. So many to a point that it gets confusing for newbies. For example, you have search engine optimization, search engine marketing, affiliate programs, Google adwords, and so on and so forth. While there is no one single sure-fire way to online promotion, there are ‘better ways’ and there are ‘not so effective’ ways. At the core of it, to determine how to promote your website online, here are the two big questions you need to answer.

Why me? Ever heard of the term USP? Well, it stands for Unique Selling Proposition. Those who are familiar with sales, marketing and branding should know what it is all about. Anyway, it is a marketing concept which was, at first, a mere theory that explains a pattern followed by successful advertising campaigns way back in the early 1940′s. Several campaigns were run to make consumers switch to another brand. For instance, they could be loyal to McDonalds, what would it take to make them eat only Burger King from then onwards.

Till this very day, many businesses and large corporations continue to use USP to develop successful marketing campaigns. At the core the strategy is this: what do you have to offer that is above your competition. One example would be that the prices of your products are either better or cheaper. Launching a price war is a highly popular game-plan but not a conducive long-term marketing strategy. All it does is it creates a dimmer market.

Why now? The other question that you will need to answer is why now? You see, some consumers delay making a decision. What advertisers have to do is to prompt them, find some hot buttons that they can push, to persuade the consumers to act now instead of later. In short, they create a form of urgency.

Consumers base their decisions on the feelings that they have. They don’t simply buy products because they want or need them. They buy into good feelings and solutions to their problems. For example, they buy it for security, self-preservation, convenience, avoidance of worry, recognition from others, self-improvement, just to name a few.

You need to create a sense of urgency within the strategy, as in, if they used your products right now, their problems will instantly be resolved. Sad to say, that could be a part of the brain-washing process but hey, that’s advertising and marketing. In a way, the best online marketing strategy is continue to provide your potential and loyal customers with unique and informational content.

The amazing thing about providing consistent content is that we start to set ourselves up as experts in our respective industry. If you were marketing a toothpaste brand, you want your customers to think of you every time they run out of toothpaste.

In today’s world, marketing is more about positioning yourself in a way that your customers will come to you rather you knocking on their doors.

Article Marketing: The Most Powerful Online Marketing Strategies

I have been asked the same question again and again from my blog readers and followers and that is “What online marketing strategy is best for affiliate marketing” and some other similar questions like “what internet marketing strategies should be used to sell my products online” and “how do I increase traffic to my money making blog”. And my answer is “article marketing is the best and most powerful online marketing strategies for anyone”. Here I would like to explain why I say so.

The internet is an ocean of information. Most people are here either to share some information or to find some information and hence there is only one medium through which we can reach the huge online audience is the information. Understanding the power of information, if we find the place where we can share information to get more and more visitors, we will definitely reach to article directories.

Article directory is the place where as a blogger, affiliate marketer or marketing expert, we share information to help the people, to solve the problems of online people in order to get the traffic from the backlinks posted at the bottom of the article called resource box. These article directories are also used to republish your articles on many of other content rich blogs and websites keeping your backlink attached to it. This may again help you to get more referral visitors and more high quality backlinks to higher your Google SERP ranking and Google Page rank.

How this internet marketing strategy actually works?

For any kind of your marketing need, what you need is lead. Lead may be a visit to your blog or website where you can offer your product or ask them to subscribe to you email newsletter. Article directories are having high Google ranking as compared to our blog or websites as Google know the importance of good quality content. So if you write one good quality article on solution to problems in the niche of your product and submit it to directory, there are chances that people will easily find your article first then your product page. If reader likes your article and trusts your words, he / she will visit your link from the resource box of article.

In my experience, article marketing is a shortcut to reach your customers on Google when it becomes difficult to rank on the first page for your product page or blog. You can rank on first page of Google through the quality articles on article directories.

There is no skill required unless the ability to write good quality and very useful content. There is no cost involved as article directories are free if you write those articles related to your product you’re self. You can also hire expert writer if you do not know how to write magnetic articles to attract a large audience online.

Business Online Marketing Strategy – Your Different Options

Driving traffic towards your business website is of prime importance in spreading the news about what you have to offer your target market. Thinking of a business online marketing strategy might require some time but, once you have this done, you will discover the ease and efficiency of driving a lot of visitors into your website. In here, we will discuss the different business online marketing strategy options that you can employ for your small business.

First among these things would be to make use of recommendation and review internet sites. Quite a few of the locally focused websites these days present visitors with the chance to post testimonials or reviews about the products or services of a business enterprise. Take a couple of minutes to ask your local consumers to go in and review your small business. These recommendation web sites incorporate:,, AOL City Guide,, and

Next, you can also turn to local search engine sites. Most of local search engines will allow you to list your web site and attach it to specific geographic areas. These locally-focused websites include, Merchant Circle,, Google Local, Yahoo Regional, InfoUSA,, and MSN Regional.

On the other hand, you can also optimize your website for local internet research. You’ll find quite a few tweaks that you can add to your site that will help optimize it for local searches. These things include local terms inside your site titles. Local terms are those that are part of your anchor text, which is the visible, hyperlinked text on a web site that’s frequently underlined and added on with a different color than the rest from the copy.

Making use of other directories can also be a good option. Most often nearby media organizations and enterprises offer you locally-based directories exactly where you’ll be able to list your small business for free or for a small affordable fee. Places that you might check within your community include newspapers, TV stations, magazines, independently owned local directories, city guides provided in search engines, profession or industry directories, regional/state sites, and chamber of commerce or visitor bureau internet sites.

Your next option would be to generate back links. In here, you need to request inbound links to your website from other local corporations that you are acquainted with. Search engines specially favor one-way back links from highly trafficked sites, so when you do not have to list a reciprocal link back towards the linking internet site on your web site, the linking technique becomes even more effective. Rather than making use of your small business name as the anchor text, you should make use of a geographic description of your company.

Another basic but very effective business online marketing strategy would be to place in a location map on your web page. Make it easy for locals to discover you. Google Maps makes it extremely easy to embed a map of your respective location on a page within your website.