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Online Marketing Strategies That Make You The Most Money

Making money is easy if you know how to do it right. Here are some highly recommended online marketing strategies that will help you make the most money.

1) Article marketing. – This is one of the easiest online marketing methods to execute. You don’t have to spend large sums of money in order for this to work. All you need is a little time, and you can easily earn profits from your web businesses. So what does article marketing entail?

First, you will be a list of some of the most popular article directories on the Internet. These are well established sites with a strong online presence. You will benefit from their existing user base. The search engines also deliver a lot of traffic to these sites and as you know, back links from well respected websites are always good for search engine optimization purposes. Submit enough articles and your own sites will rank well in the search engines.

Next, you will need to spend some time to write and submit articles on a daily basis. You don’t have to churn out dozens of articles each day. But you do have to be prepared to write high quality (and useful) content for your readers. Here are some tips on how to write articles.

* Use a keyword rich title.
* Stay on topic and do not digress.
* Write useful tips and info that you know your readers will want to read.
* Do not publicize yourself in the article body. Do it in the author resource box.
* Scan other related sites for ideas.

Make it a habit to write 3 to 5 articles daily and submit them to all the sites in your directory list. Over time, you will start to receive more and more traffic. The more traffic you receive, the more money you make.

2) Email marketing. – This is a very powerful online marketing strategy. Here is how email marketing works. When you drive traffic to your site, these people are really cold visitors. They do not (yet) trust you. So they are unlikely to make a purchase from you.

What you can do is to give away something for free and in exchange, you ask for their email addresses. These are subscribers of your email list. Using tools like autoresponders, you may then follow up with these subscribers with even more great content and free stuff. The idea is to make your prospects as happy as possible so that they learn to trust you. When they do, they will start buying from you and you will start to make more and more money.

In addition, you can always send an email to your list to tell them about new products, latest offers, etc. You can also perform up-sells and cross-sells and boost profits.

Once you are able to understand the above two marketing strategies, you can combine them. Drive article marketing traffic to a lead capture page and then use email marketing to try and convert those prospects into paying customers.

Online Marketing Strategy – Use the Power of Social Media

When it comes to your online marketing strategy, social media is a power to reckon with today. The billions of people who were too far apart to meet one to two decades ago now choose to “meet” online through these social media. Is your online marketing strategy capturing the full potential and power of this amazing media? Here are a few tips that can help you make sure you are on the right track:

Open a business page/account – Go to each one of these social media networking sites and ensure that you have an account or page open in the name of your business. Make sure to integrate that account on your page and also connect seamlessly from that account to your site. For example, if anyone sees you on Facebook they should be able to connect to your site right from that page.

Stay connected and in view – As part of your online marketing strategy, make sure you regularly update these social networking sites. You should keep updating news about your products, company, brand and offers on all these sites as often as you can. You should become a common feature in the minds of all the people who visit these sites. Whenever they find something interesting, you want them to check it out themselves and also recommend it to all others on their friends’ list.

Give related news and updates – Do not always promote your products. Intermittently post news and updates related to the products – their use, maintenance, better designs, etc. Try to keep your visitors entertained and looking forward to your updates. It’s important that your online marketing strategy connect with related news so you can have accurate and interesting material to share and you don’t lose the interest of your friends or followers.

YouTube, Squidoo and other similar Video Promotion Sites – Videos are emerging as an exceptional medium of business promotion. Check out all the popular video sites – such as YouTube – and post videos about your products and related aspects as often as you can. Announce promotional offers, talk about the science that backs the products, have interviews about success stories and so on. Have videos uploaded at regular periods. These videos often are much more convincing than any written article.

To ensure the best results from your online marketing strategy, be sure that your website technology is updated at regular intervals, particularly to take advantage of the new tools frequently coming out to help you integrate your site and your social media, such as Pinterest share buttons and the like. You need to keep pace with the times, which can be quite a challenge!